Publication Day – Library Day

A new drabble of mine, “Library Day” has just been published in the 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF & Fantasy Tales anthology

100 worlds

This anthology is available in paperback or Kindle version from Amazon or Createspace. Yay!


Publication Day – The Moon’s Wife

At long last, my short story “The Moon’s Wife” is up at Toasted Cake as a podcast. This story was inspired by my trip to China last year. My brother and I hiked up to Moon Hill, located outside Yangshuo in southern China. Here’s me standing in front of it with my flower-bedecked hat.

cheryl moonhill

Yay, go give it a listen! Easier than reading!

Jo Walton’s Among Others

Imagine yourself in that hidden spot you retreated to for reading as a child. Put a cup of tea in your hand. That is what reading Among Others feels like.

I picked up Among Others for a few reasons. First, it won a Hugo. Second, it’s by a woman author who I haven’t read. Give me something by McCaffrey or Le Guin or Cherryh and I’m happy. It seemed like a good idea for me to find out what contemporary women authors in SF/F were saying. Continue reading

Short Fiction Grab Bag

This time, I have three different fantasy stories to share. Stick your hand in and see what you get!

Choose Your Own Adventure by Kat Howard

This is from way back in April 2011, but I just discovered it and am in love. Good for those looking for an unconventional fantasy story that is expertly written. It’s also on the shorter side.

Cartographer’s Ink by Beth Cato

I loved the concept behind this story. It’s one of those stories that makes you think (as a writer): “this idea is so cool, I wish I had thought of it!”

Monster, Finder, Shifter by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

I started reading this story just to reset my brain while writing, and then I couldn’t stop. Sad and beautiful.