Day 15 in nanowrimo, which means I should be halfway to 50,000 words.

I’m at 19,013.

It’s like when you’re halfway up a mountain or down a trail. When you reach halfway, the only choice you have is to keep going, to do the next half. To finish.





NaNoWriMo 2015 is finished!

I amassed 50,157 words and 37 short stories. Maybe it’s cheating, but I wrote short stories this year instead of a novel. So perhaps it’s better to call it NaShoStoWriMo? Doesn’t have the same ring to it. BUT, now I have 37 stories that I can tune up and shop around to find a home. That’s pretty exciting.


Nanowrimo: starting week 3 off not with a bang but a whimper

I’m currently about 5,000 words behind. No surprise there!

My favorite strategies that I’ve used so far this year to keep the novel (and the word count) moving:

Pretty much starting over twice, but keeping the word count from the scrapped plots.

Length (and I mean lengthy) character background descriptions that drone on for pages.

Introducing brand new characters into the story like they were there from the start, just to spice things up.

Lots of scenes of people just sitting around drinking. Apparently all of my characters are alcoholics.

The thing that I’ve learned from Nanowrimo is that I will probably never have an actual publishable novel at the end. It’s just not the way I write. So for me, it’s about the ideas. Can I stumble across an idea or a character or a setting that I love if I just sit down and make myself write? If I just continue to word-vomit for the rest of this month, something interesting is bound to jump out of my mind and splatter onto the page.

Off to week 3…

Nanowrimo, Take 2

I broke every rule in the Nanowrimo book today and threw out my first day of words. I found myself struggling yesterday to fit the story into a mold it just didn’t want to go in. Instead of fighting with a story that isn’t working for the whole month, I started a new one! This one may fight me, too, but I think it has a better chance of actually becoming a novel. It’s a story I’ve been marinating in my brain for a long time and it has seen many different iterations. Maybe this iteration will be the one that sticks! Plus, it’s a love story and I’ve never written a love story before, so why not?

All of this means I’m only at 3,030 words for the novel, when I’m supposed to be above 3,300. I’ll make up the extra 300 tomorrow, and hopefully not decide to start the novel all over again!

Halloween, plus the Nanowrimo word count begins!

A few shots our Halloween graveyard from this year:

If you look closely, you’ll see the references to Doctor Who. Warning: spoilers! Next year, we’re hoping to make a weeping angel and then the year after that, a full TARDIS. Our yard will look like Angels Take Manhattan one day.

The end of Halloween means the beginning of Nanowrimo! I’m at a little over 800 words for the day so far, and I’m using this blog post as a tool of procrastination. Ok, back to the novel!