Halloween, plus the Nanowrimo word count begins!

A few shots our Halloween graveyard from this year:

If you look closely, you’ll see the references to Doctor Who. Warning: spoilers! Next year, we’re hoping to make a weeping angel and then the year after that, a full TARDIS. Our yard will look like Angels Take Manhattan one day.

The end of Halloween means the beginning of Nanowrimo! I’m at a little over 800 words for the day so far, and I’m using this blog post as a tool of procrastination. Ok, back to the novel!


Happy All Hallows Read

Tick, tock went the hallway clock.

Rattle, creak groaned the pipes.

Gurgle, sniffle snored the old man.

Scream, bloody scream sounded Halloween night.


For All Hallows Read, I give you two scary stories:

Robot by Helena Bell

In Memoriam by Amanda C. Davis