A Wedding Reading

For those adverse to high levels on the cheese-o-meter, probably best for you to stop reading now.

I wrote the ceremony script for our recent wedding, and during that process, I went on a search for a good wedding reading or two. For someone equal parts bookish and nerd, this led me to such places as Neil Gaiman’s The Day the Saucers Came¬†and my own bookshelf, which houses some great books, but nothing right for the reading.

Then, I had a thought: hey, I’m a writer, why can’t I write something?

So here it is, along with storyboards I made to enhance the good bits. I have a 2nd grade level of artistry with construction paper – no offense meant to any 2nd graders – but I like to think I’ve mastered that level in my own special way.

It’s no Neil Gaiman, but enjoy. (Spoilers! Contains TARDIS!)

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