Nanowrimo Prep

It’s November! For me, fall means pumpkiny foods, Halloween (the best day of the year) and Nanowrimo. I get this really happy, expectant feeling when Nanowrimo is around the corner. Before I start writing my November novel, I like to think about all the amazing things this novel could turn into. And then I actually start writing and that feeling goes out the door, replaced with a daily panic about writing my allotted words.


This year, I’ll be writing a novel based on a short story I wrote awhile ago called It’s Not Safe Below. This was actually my first published story, and as a result, my most beloved. I feel like there’s more to the world and more to the story, so I’m going to take a stab at living in that world for a month and seeing what happens. Turning this story into a novel also has the added benefit of providing me with a framework I can build upon rather than starting from scratch. Given that it’s only a few days until November 1, I can’t really afford to invent a whole new world and set of ideas and still write a novel next month.

This will be my 4th year as a Nanowrimo participant. I haven’t failed to reach my 50k word goal any of the past years, so 4th year, here I come!


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