A Wedding Reading

For those adverse to high levels on the cheese-o-meter, probably best for you to stop reading now.

I wrote the ceremony script for our recent wedding, and during that process, I went on a search for a good wedding reading or two. For someone equal parts bookish and nerd, this led me to such places as Neil Gaiman’s The Day the Saucers Came and my own bookshelf, which houses some great books, but nothing right for the reading.

Then, I had a thought: hey, I’m a writer, why can’t I write something?

So here it is, along with storyboards I made to enhance the good bits. I have a 2nd grade level of artistry with construction paper – no offense meant to any 2nd graders – but I like to think I’ve mastered that level in my own special way.

It’s no Neil Gaiman, but enjoy. (Spoilers! Contains TARDIS!)


Here and there, on opposite ends of the world of love, there was a boy and there was a girl.

The universe thrust them together one summer day.

For her, the first flutterings of what you might call love began just up that way, among the Joshua Trees and the sand and some very big rocks.

He thought she was pretty cute, but well, you see, the girl was his boss. She was off-limits. And so, the feelings, they festered away inside, forgotten to the circumstances.

Finally, with the help of a friend, the boy and girl found their way to each other.

She taught him how to knit, he taught her how to skateboard — if skateboarding is like falling on your bum a lot.

He gave her the second love of her life, Clark. In a very lopsided swap, she then picked out Lois for him.

She introduced him to Star Trek. He made her a space shuttle out of Legos.

Pretty soon, they realized they were a team. Like Frodo and Sam, or Jean Luc and Number One, or the Doctor and his TARDIS. They were going places together, with some love mixed in as well. Not traveling in time and space, but still going places.

The boy tried to surprise her, he really did. Only, the girl doesn’t much like surprises, so she found him out. She knew a long time before they were atop the bluff, looking out over the watery sunset, that they were going to spend their lives together. The ring and the question were a bonus.

The rest of the story remains unwritten. But, the boy and the girl are pretty sure they know how it ends.

They live so very happily ever after.


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