A Story for 2013

A second story of mine has been accepted for publication in Bards and Sages Quarterly. The story – “Traditions” – will be published in their January 2013 issue. This publication even offers a print copy. I think seeing my name in print on the byline of a story might be a bit more than my fragile author heart can handle.

So now, in the space of two weeks, this entirely hopeless but still aspiring someday-maybe-it-will-happen-for-me-but-probably-not writer has become a soon-to-be twice-over published author. Granted, on a mighty small scale, but it is something to me. And the thrill of those acceptances has confirmed something big, something which badly needed confirming. That there is nothing in this life which feels the same way as finishing a really original wonderful story, sending it into the universe with your heart in your throat, and then, against all reason, having someone else think it is just as original and wonderful as you do.

With this little bit of success to feel good about, I can now step away and focus on the large impending event dropping into my life in exactly a week: The Wedding.


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