May, the Month of Maybe Selling a Story Somewhere, Pretty Please!

Since I should, in fact, be writing, I thought – let me write a blog post about writing! That’s the same thing, right? Right?

An update on goals

When I set out on this writing adventure at the beginning of March, I outlined a few goals. Let’s revisit them, shall we?

Posted on March 15th:

  1. Write one short story per week and submit it for publication
  2. Get a short story published within two months (mid-May)
  3. Write two full-length novels by March 2013
  4. Get one novel (likely self-) published by March 2013

It’s wonderful how optimistic I was. Here is how I’ve fared:

  1. I will rate myself relatively high on this goal, since with the exception of my time in China and the jet-lagged week after, I have submitted one story per week. I could have done better, but that equals four stories currently submitted to markets, and two more in the works on their way to being submitted soon.
  2. Ha. Oh. Haha. So optimistic. Perhaps if I had been more diligent with submissions in April, I would have had a better chance at this, but alas, I think I’m going to need an extension on this particular goal. So far, I’ve received two rejections (not including rejections before March), re-submitted those stories, and am waiting to hear on two other stories. The whole point is that I’m submitting, right?
  3. After some initial edits on a novel I wrote three years ago, I’ve been concentrating whole-heartedly on writing short stories instead. So, this one is still possible, just not sure on the timing.
  4. Ditto.

To help me stick to my, er…flexible goals, I just joined the Write1Sub1 community. I love that the group is based off Ray Bradbury’s model of writing a short story per week, which if you remember, was where I originally got my idea to structure my writing habits as I have. It’s sort of like a year-long NaNoWriMo that keeps you accountable to writing. It technically started back in January, but I’m going to jump onboard now anyway. With all this motivation and accountability, I’m officially declaring May the Month of Maybe Selling a Story Somewhere, Pretty Please!

Oh, and to finish off this post all about writing, I read a great novella today, Bibliophile¬†by Tom Bruno. It’s all about books and libraries and space. And it’s free on Amazon today! Go get it!


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