China: The Extended Cut

I arrived home earlier this week from 18 days in China, Taipei and Hong Kong. I have several new passport stamps, a bevy of bruises and mosquito bites, and of course less writing completed than I had hoped. The experience is the thing, though, so I’m sure the time spent will payoff in its own way.

What I lacked in writing, I made up for in photos. Apologies in advance for the photographic plethora.

Weekend 1: Taipei

Soy milk for breakfast

Streets of Taipei

View from Taipei 101, 2nd tallest building in the world

Taipei 101's big damper


Hong Kong skyline: day

Hong Kong skyline: night

The Big Buddha, 112 ft tall

Weekend 3: Yangshuo

Karst mountains and Yulong River

Moon Hill

Under Moon Hill

Greens picked from the garden for our dinner

the rest of the time: Shanghai


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