On Writing Goals

Today’s word count: 1,259 (new); 2,240 (edited)

After four days of testing out what full-time writing feels like, I think it’s time to set some firm and tangible goals to get things moving:

  1. Write one short story per week and submit it for publication
  2. Get a short story published within two months (mid-May)
  3. Write two full-length novels by March 2013
  4. Get one novel (likely self-) published by March 2013

The story a week model follows how Ray Bradbury approached writing short stories when he was an emerging writer. To me, it has a something to do with the idea of quantity over quality. In order to become a great writer, I need to test my limits by writing as much as I can. I need to understand my weaknesses by writing terrible things because I’m just trying to meet my goals. And, then I need to refine my editing skills by turning those terrible things into amazing prose that can be submitted for a chance at publication.

I’m planning to try out these goals for a few months, then re-assess them and set new ones. I have met my short story goal for this week and will be submitting the story this weekend. Time to do some browsing on Duotrope to find a home for it…


2 thoughts on “On Writing Goals

  1. I really like where you are going with this. I am having the hardest time finishing my first attempt at a book…I have a draft done, a friend even proof read it, and now I just have intangible barrier where I just will not do anything more with…and instead am looking for a second job and to sell my beater of a a truck. I hope this works for you and I am going to give it a try, thanks!

    • For your novel, maybe try going through it a few pages at a time. Commit yourself to 5 pages a day, then do more if you’re into it. Just get out the red pen and go at it. If you have a deadline to finish it by, you’ll get there, but you have to figure out how you are going to get there. Good luck with dusting off the draft!

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