A Year of Writing: Day One

Today’s word count: 3,576

If the tiny voice in my head could dictate out what my day appeared like through my eyes, it likely would go something like this: Blank screen. Crap. Don’t panic. Panicking. Oh, writing. That’s what I’m supposed to do. Ok, write write write. Dog needs me. Write write write. Email. Write write write. Twitter. Write write write…

And so on. I’m glad I could paint such a glamorous picture.

writing :: skiver by Merete

All in all, the day was a success measured against my writing yard stick. I used my morning pages to get a story idea out of my head that was spinning around. Although I know morning pages are meant more for getting all of the more mundane thoughts off your mind, they have always worked for me more as a free-form way to get new ideas onto the page. Either way, I love them, and if you haven’t tried morning pages but are interested, Julia Cameron explains more about how they work here.

Then, I devoted the afternoon to revising a short story that I have been working on for over a year. The idea plagues me as one good enough to stick with, but the story has never quite worked. Today, I re-wrote it entirely (again) and now, it works. The voice is finally right, which I always struggle with, and the characters and story line are much more believable and interesting. I’m ecstatic that I finally got the idea into a form that works. I can only hope I feel the same way tomorrow. This story and I have a fickle love-hate relationship after all.

On to Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “A Year of Writing: Day One

  1. Good luck on your year of writing! I myself am on my 68th day of my year of writing daily (after first challenging myself to do it for a month, I decided to keep going) though I don’t have nearly your wordcount.

    I also have a short story I’ve been fiddling with for a good 7-8 months now, though I set it down in disgust some weeks ago. After seeing your success I think I’ll give it another go.

    • Congrats on getting to 68 days (and hopefully much farther) in your writing challenge! We’ll see how my wordcount holds up after a few more days. I’m shooting for at least 1,000 a day, and I’ll see where I land.

      If you’re still having trouble with the short story after another read, maybe pass it to someone else for a look? They may not be able to fix it, but they can hopefully provide some clarity on what seems to be missing. Good luck!

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