This Week’s Discoveries in Writing

Today’s word count: 340

For anyone who didn’t realize it yet, there’s a lot of stuff on the internet. I browsed through a little bit of it this week.


A database of fiction and poetry publications that, sadly, led me to discover the extremely low acceptance rates of Fantasy & Science Fiction, the publication to which I just submitted my short story. However,  I did find several other publications that could be options when/if my rejection letter comes.

Distributed Proofreaders

Discovered through a friend, this is the volunteer site for proofreading books currently in transition to ebook format as part of Project Gutenberg. The initial proofreading stage is very simple, and they need more volunteers.


I came across this online note service awhile back, but just started using it this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about gDocs, but it’s nice to have my writing notes in one central place. I also think the interface is fun and pretty. I still plan to write my full novel in Scrivener, which is amazing, but this is great for plot work and quick brainstorms.


And, because all this text seems heavy to end with, a picture of our foster dog, Ziggy. She was having a lazy Sunday.


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