The Writing Cave

Today’s word count: 638

I started a new short story today. This one is about a world governed by endless war between territories, and specifically how the seafaring societies evolve as a result.

As promised, photos of the newly completed writing cave!

The desk. This is where I wrote this very blog post. How very meta. The poster above the desk reads “All Glory Comes from Daring to Begin – Eugene F. Ware.” I am not normally a fan of the inspirational quote, but I thought this one apropos to get me moving on the writing, and also the poster is a letterpress print. You can buy one from happydeliveries on Etsy if you’d like. (I am going to shamelessly push Etsy this entire blog post, you are forewarned.)

The red couch. The pillow is one of my favorite things I own, portraying a woman with a ship on her hat. I also bought this on Etsy from utilitarianfranchise.

This poster is a collection of the 149 most iconic science fiction characters. One day, my party trick will be to name all of them. And, surprise! it came from Etsy – chopshopstore.

Easily, the only thing in my house that I would try to save in a fire (aside from my significant other and dogs) would be this bookcase and the books it holds. We spent four days creating it from scratch, and I think it turned out fantastic.

Inspiration for the design came from The Brick House, but the SO morphed their original plans into something much larger and well-suited to my book collection. Here are several more photos since I just can’t get enough.

A signed Ursula Le Guin book  in its place of prominence.

The wooden pegs I saved from the cut-outs made in the boards for the piping. The apothecary jar is also an Etsy find!


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