Next Stop: Frustration Station

Today’s word count: 462

I finally managed to get some writing done today after a dismal few days of failing at it. I’m lacking motivation right now, despite participating in Clarion, and also running up against some recurring challenges.

1) Passive voice

I don’t know what it is, but I gravitate to this voice unconsciously. When I catch myself, I stop immediately, but sometimes it will be frustratingly late, ie after I’ve just written several paragraphs. I think I might need some professional help to kick this out of my system. A lot of my issues stem from relying on forms of “to be” in sentences. No decent writer uses had, was, were as much as I do.

2) Linear writing style

It is difficult for me to write a story in anything but a linear fashion. However, with the latest short story I’m working on, the pieces just aren’t coming together in a normal sequence, so I’m forcing myself to write scenes as they come to me. It’s difficult, but also fun. The real challenge will be piecing all the scenes together into one coherent story that flows.

Gail Carriger, the best vampire steampunk novelist out there, just released her fourth book in the Parasol Protectorate series, Heartless. If you enjoy witty writing with a healthy dose of steampunk and romance, her books are fantastic. I’m going to be picking it up this weekend and will probably read it in one sitting.

My next post promises to be something a bit more interesting – a look into the writing cave! It will have to wait until it is in a shape for photographs, but that will likely be this weekend to coincide with our housewarming.


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