Day One of Clarion

Today’s word count: 309

Today is the official start of the 2011 Clarion Write-a-Thon in which I have pledged to write 3 short stories and submit them for publication. I wrote a healthy 300 words today on the short story that I’m working on re-writing from the ground up. I’m feeling better about the description in the story and its overall tone. In the end, I’m hoping for a an off-beat, unique, humorous science fiction story.

Here’s a tiny excerpt:

The image crisped on the point of becoming cinders, its glossy surface losing all luster. The colors of the photograph flashed negative, then popped back to colors seemingly too brilliant for the world. Finally, it settled on a black and white so contrasted that the content of the image appeared mangled and unreadable.

For those in the room who had seen the image before its transformation, the man writhing on the floor before them was its unmistakable subject. Others only watched in complacent horror, faces fixed but eyes darting desparately, as the man grimaced and cleaved at the floor and himself in agony. 

That’s it! I can’t reveal too much too much of the story in the hopes that one day I will get it published. But, if it doesn’t make it, I will post the entire story here for anyone who is interested.

We had a garage sale this weekend to benefit the dog rescue I volunteer with, and another volunteer donated this book.

I love when I discover random, vintage scifi books that I’ve never even heard of. I snatched this one and I think I’ll give it a read once I’m done with my current book (one of the Wheel of Time books). It might sound a bit cliche, but I do find myself drawn to books by female scifi/fantasy authors more so than those authored by men. It has nothing to do with feminism, just an honest affinity. I’ll report back on whether it’s a good read!


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