Today’s word count: 0 (just lots of brainstorming)

Moments ago, I had a major breakthrough on the current short story I’m revising. When I originally wrote the story, I was really excited about its potential. And, as with most things I write, when I read it back again, I realized the plot flopped. I tried to rewrite the story, just fixing bad tenses and sloppy writing, but that failed to do much for its overall impression.

I still very much believe in the core idea of the story, so I am trying once again to remake it from the ground up. This means a complete rewrite with a whole new plot. The main character is staying the same, but I’m fleshing him out a bit more. I’m introducing a new character as well as bulking up some of the other minor characters. I’m hoping to give it more of an “in the moment” feel and less of a past tense, irrelevant tone.

The aforementioned breakthrough came in the plot. I’ve mulled over the plot, struggling with whether to keep it the same, and if not, unsure of how to revamp it. Well today, the ideas started flowing and I think I’ve got it. No, I know I’ve got it this time around. The new plot is obscure, meaty and challenging. Now, I just have to write it and make it work.


I received my first sponsorship for the Clarion Write-a-Thon! Granted, it’s my boyfriend, but it’s still nice.


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