Sponsor Me!

Todays’s word count: 298

I finally have the Clarion Write-a-Thon link for sponsorships. Here it is! This sponsorship program is similar to a relay for life or a breast cancer walk. You sponsor me in my goal, and the money goes towards a good cause. In this case, the cause is the Clarion Foundation, which supports science fiction/fantasy writers and runs workshops once a year at UCSD. In my estimation, that is a pretty good cause, but being a scifi/fantasy writer, perhaps I am biased.


I met someone today who very generously offered to read and edit what I write. She has some copyediting experience, and is very familiar with the scifi/fantasy genre, so I would value her opinion. Now, all it leaves me to do are two things: 1) Write something, and 2) have enough confidence in what I’ve written to actually allow someone else to read it. I suffer from an ongoing lack of confidence in what I write. A certain degree of self-criticism is healthy, but I am beginning to realize that I have taken it too far. So, along with my goal of writing three short stories this summer, I am also going to add the requirement that at least one other person aside from me has to read the story before I submit it for potential publication. The idea, after all, is to have millions of people read my stories, isn’t it?


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